Take a Look at the World’s Priciest Stuffed Animals

Would you believe us if we told you that stuffed animals can cost a fortune? Well a good amount of them do and we’re here to list them down. We say that it’s time to raid that attic and check old boxes. Who knows, you might just have one of these lying in the corner.

  • Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear – $ 2,100,100

A collaboration between the German toy powerhouse and the infamous fashion emporium, this teddy bear was fully decked in designer clothing. The well-known LV monogram can be visibly seen all throughout from the bear’s clothes to its matching luggage case. This piece smashed records back in 2000 at a Monaco auction and has not been beaten ever since. It is currently preserved in a museum in Jeju Island, Korea.

  • Louis Vuitton Monogram Bear – $ 182,000

As if the above wasn’t enough, LV also had one manufactured on their own to celebrate its 150 years in the fashion scene. Only 500 of these were made. One named DouDou which stood a foot and a half tall was sold at a Monaco auction for the aforementioned price. The toy was decked in came with the fashion house’s monogram all over it. What a way to celebrate!

  • Teddy Girl – $ 150,000

This cinnamon haired toy manufactured by Steiff in 1905 is one of a kind. Although other models may still be found, the Teddy Girl proved to be exceptional as it once belonged to Colonel Bob Henderson. Serving the British Army as a small arms adviser to Field Marshal Montgomery, he took the bear to war with him during World War II. In 1962 he became the black mourning bearPresident of the Teddy Bear Club and founded Good Bears of the World, a charity that provides teddy bears to sick children. Years after his passing, the toy went up for sale at a Christie’s auction and was sold to businessman Yoshihiro Sekiguchi.

  • Black Mourning Bear – $136,000

The tragic sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912 left the world in terrible grief. Because of this, Steiff produced 600 black mourning bears in 5 different sizes to commemorate the incident. One of these was found stored in a closet for years and was sold at a 2000 London auction to the Puppenhaus Museum in Switzerland.

Which among these priciest stuffed animals do you want to add to your collection?


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