Stuffed Animals and Toy Hazards to Watch Out For

toy hazardWe’ve all known how stuffed animals bring joy and happiness to kids and adults alike. Some are even considered collectibles with vintage pieces and limited editions raking up bids at auctions around the world. But even these seemingly harmful cuddly wonders aren’t all safe. There are dangers to them too. Take a look at the following hazards to watch out for.

1.    The Age Hazard

What’s good for some may not be good for others. This applies beyond mere preferences and likes. Think about it this way. A toy for a ten year old may not exactly be safe for a two year old. Stuffed animals come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Some would even have mechanical parts that move or produce sound. This considered, see to it that kids play with toys appropriate for their age.

2.    The Size Hazard

This one in particular is a very common mistake. Do remember that kids and toddlers aren’t as physically able as adults. They can’t lift or carry objects that are bigger and heavier than them, stuffed toys included, thus creating risks of suffocation if they fall flat on top of them. The rule of thumb is that for children aged three and below, the toy’s dimension should be smaller than their height and lighter than their weight.

3.    The Choking Hazard

Be on guard against toys that can send kids straight to the hospital’s emergency room. They must not have any detachable parts that can be easily swallowed and cause an accident. For instance, buttons, eyes and similar accessories should not be easily removed or torn away. As for ribbons, they must not be any longer than six inches.

4.    The Sanitary Hazard

Play time should both be fun and safe. Apart from avoiding accidents, we should also avoid threats to health. Make it a point to check the label to make sure it’s made of toxic free materials. At the same time, keep them clean and sanitary at al times.

5.    The Mediocre Hazard

Stuffed toys need to be of great quality. In other words they need not only be safe as per the materials used and their dimensions but they too must be well-crafted. Because stuffed animals are still toys to begin with, they will be played with and handled not so carefully especially by children. The toy should be durable enough. The limbs and hem should not tear at a mere pull.

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