Do’s and Don’ts When You Buy Steiff Teddy Bears online

buy-teddy-bears-onlineShopping for Steiff teddy bears is fun. That’s no doubt but then again it comes with its challenges too particularly if one is aiming to get hold of vintage pieces and limited edition releases. To up your game, we’ve listed down some dos and don’ts when you buy teddy bears online, to serve as a guide.

  • Do familiarize yourself with models. Throughout the years, the Steiff brand has released a number of various designs and each one is unique not only in terms of features but also in structure and materials used. Knowledge is power so make sure to gather your weapons.
  • Don’t buy without validating. Many replicas and fakes are available in the market because these items are not only valuable but they too come with a high demand. Arming yourself with knowledge as stated earlier will make it easier to spot and authenticate these toys.
  • Do scrutinize the seller. Don’t buy from just about anyone. Apart from validating the toy, also check up on the shop or person you are purchasing from. Look out for reviews and testimonials from the internet to have an idea regarding a particular store.
  • Don’t make do with bad conditions. Toys that are in bad shape or are infested with bugs are best left alone. Don’t risk it and think that you can operate on them and find a fix. It could be costlier in the long run and worse the item may not be salvageable after all. Always seek quality and optimal condition.
  • Do remember the button in ear. The design and material can vary depending on the year that the toy was released and whether or not it is a limited edition variant. Its presence can add a significant increase in the teddy bear’s value and is one of the signs of authenticity. There are pieces that no longer have the button in ear and instead leave a whole where it should have been. Their values are deemed lower without the said trademark intact.
  • Don’t forget about maintenance issues. Make sure to only purchase and shop for Steiff teddy bears that you are capable of taking care of. Not all of these toys can be treated alike because as we have said, they are made of various materials and come in different conditions. Apart from adequate and proper storage, cleaning will also be an issue to take a look at.

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