Collectible Teddy Bears: Trend or Not

collectible-steiff-bear2A trend is defined as something that is currently preferred by many that often encompasses a period of time. Trends come and go. Others may stay for long while some die down in a matter of weeks or even days. Speaking of which, do you think collectible teddy bears are too?

In this age where people have felt the need to more freely dive into their passions, collectors are nothing new. Over the years, people have amassed trinkets from the small and simple to the grand and massive, literally and figuratively. Teddy bears are no doubt one of the more popular items to collect. To say that such is a mere trend would be a little silly because these have been around for years and you’d be surprised of how many there are and how large some have grown to be.

As a matter of fact, a lot of events are organized all over the world for these toys. Steiff, the German brand known for being the first to have designed, manufactured and released these teddies as early as 1902, holds an annual event to celebrate and to release new or even limited edition models. A teddy bear museum in Jeju Island South Korea also exists and in there resides the most expensive teddy of all time which fetched a staggering US $2.1 million in a 2000 Monaco auction.

The fascination with these toys stems from their long history and our affiliation with them at an early age. If we look back at our childhood, these toys have been with us. They are after all the most popular and kid-friendly. This makes it no longer a surprise that we carry a fondness for them as we grow up. They are often a memento or a souvenir that bears memories and caries with them a sentimental value.

But collectible teddy bears can also be more than that. There are those who only realize their fondness for them later and instead of sentimental value, they collect for a different reason. They see these toys as a special item or even a growing investment. Many of the items in their stash are limited edition models or even vintage items that are far from cheap. Some are even considered one of a kind! You’d be surprised as to how much some of these teddies are valued in the market. A trend? Most definitely not!

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