Tips for Buying Steiff Teddy Bears Online

steiff-bears--onlineIf we told the world some few decades back that we could shop with a touch of a button, we’d probably be burned in a stake and accused of witchcraft. But today’s digital age has brought to light possibilities which were then too impossible to even be conjured by mere imagination. Buying Steiff teddy bears online, is one example.

Gone are the days when we’d have to fall in line for endless cashier queues then later on suffer the traffic on the way home. Convenience is within our fingertips. But even with this modern-day shopping bonanza, some things just never change. For instance, the following tips when buying said teddy bears online (or offline).

  • Preference is always king. – Penchants and likes, we all have them. We prefer one thing over the other. What we may enjoy, another may not. This is why it’s important to keep the recipient’s tastes in mind or yours if you happen to be buying for yourself. With so many options and designs in the market, opt for those that fit the bill.
  • Consider storage. – Some stuffed toys are as small as the palm of your hand while others are so massive they’d probably kill you in your sleep. We’re kidding of course. When shopping, always keep in mind that the recipient will have to store or display it somewhere. They can either place it on top of their bed, in the cabinet, atop a desk or wherever. Find a bear that’s easy to stow away as they are to play with. We wouldn’t want to cause some inconvenience, now would you?
  • Shop with the age in mind. – Who’s the teddy bear for? A toddler, kids, teen or an adult? Remember that what pleases one does not necessarily please all. Each age group will have a certain preference. For instance if you are planning to give it to a two year old then make sure that it isn’t too large or heavy that it poses a choking or suffocation hazard.
  • Durability and safety above all things. – Whether given to a kid or an adult, durability is always on top of the list. This speaks of quality from the material down to the last line of production and manufacturing. When buying teddy bears online, read reviews and feedback to gauge and get an idea about the longevity and quality of the toy. Is the stitching sturdy? Can it be easily washed? Do the accessories and buttons stay out despite being pulled?

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Why Collectible Teddy Bears Scream Fun

steiff-collectibleWith so many items to choose from, why do many people choose to go for collectible teddy bears? What’s in them that make them so popular and fun to have? We went out to ask around and below are only a few of the answers we got. Check them out and see if you bear the same reasons too!

“They’re just too cute and adorable!”

Brenda – There is something about the toys that make them so charming. It’s like magic to be honest. Sometimes you feel under the weather and you look at them and get this sudden rush of happiness. They’re on the spot pick me uppers! I like to keep some in my bedroom while the others are spread across my home.

“They’re history tucked in a cuddly toy.”

Jonathan – I like antiques. I guess I have always been drawn to it. Looking at how much I gravitate towards old city charms, I wasn’t too surprised when I realized that I have a thing for vintage collectible teddy bears and toys. It was an instant attraction and connection. There’s so much history in them, some you get introduced to while others you have to discover for yourself. My collection isn’t that huge but it’s enough to get people talking when they come over to visit. They’re an instant conversational starter and quite an interesting one too!

“They’re quite a lucrative investment too.”

Alex – I’m a stock broker and investments are my thing. Teddy bears on the other hand were quite unexpected. I was scrolling through Craigslist and saw one for sale. I was surprised at the reaction and interest of a lot of people about the toy and so I thought: why not invest in them too? I currently trade collectibles but I keep a good number for myself. There are just some pieces that are hard to let go.

“They evoke a sense of exclusivity.”

Patricia – Not everyone has these bears and that somehow makes me feel special. It’s weird but there’s a sense of gratification in that. Rare and vintage ones can get really expensive so I try my best to save up whenever I can.

“They’re a forever friend.”

Selena – I own a lot of stuffed toys, not just collectible teddy bears. Some of them I’ve had since I was a kid while the rest were purchases over the last few years. What I like about them is that they remind me of the kid in me, the innocence and the simple joys. Plus, they’re always there to give you a hug!

What to Do When Your Stuffed Animals Go Dirty

dirty-stuffed-toyStuffed animals are every kid and kid-at-heart’s embodiment of a “cuddly wonder”, apart from pets that is. Because we all adore them, we tend to bring them around and have them for playtime round the clock. The thing is, all that is going to take its toll on the toy. They’ll get dirty and grimy eventually. It’s not the end of the world though because there are ways to reverse that. How so? Read on and find out.

  • Get your trusty wash cloth out of the bag.

Mild dirt can easily be removed with the help of a damp cloth. Take out some mild soap and water and use a clean cloth to rub off the grime from the toy. Make sure that you wring the cloth well to remove excess water. You want it damp and not dripping wet. Avoid a sponge at all costs too because it’ll drench the toy more than you’d want it to. This can also be done as a means to remove any stain prior to washing so that it doesn’t sit long and worsen.

  • Take them out for a well deserved bath.

Go rub-a-dub-dub with your stuffed animals! If they’re roundabout dirty and they need to get a full on cleaning then washing is the task you’re going to have to face. You have two options here. You can either do it by hand or by machine. In both cases, you’ll need lukewarm water and mild soap. No bleaching detergents or agents are allowed at all costs. Nor is heat as it can dull the colors and melt some parts (e.g. buttons, adhesives, and etcetera)

If you choose to wash by hand, you’re going to need a sponge this time or a soft bristled brush to rub away the grime and filth. As for a washing machine, you’ll need to place the stuffed toy inside a pillow case or mesh bag first to protect them and also to avoid any of their accessories from falling off into the washer and damaging its motor. Rinse well and dry without the heat of a blower, a dryer or the sun.

  • Get your fridge involved.

Yes, you’ve read that right. Your stuffed animals have a lot to thank your refrigerator, the freezer in particular. Should you find a bug infestation, you’ll have to un-stuff the toy, wash and res-tuff it. But before doing so, you’ll need to seal it inside a plastic bag and place it in the freezer for 2 days straight to kill the bugs and their eggs.

The Benefits When You Buy Steiff Bear Online

steiff-bearOnline toy shopping has become a norm these days and we’re no longer surprised. Its convenience is very much on point and that’s only one benefit to boot. Care to find out what the other perks are when you buy a Steiff bear online? Check these out.

  • You can buy from anywhere around the world.

Physical stores can be limiting at some point. There are items that are only available in other countries and it can be a huge bummer. Purchasing online however fixes the said dilemma. You can virtually shop from anywhere around the world and have it delivered to your doorstep.

  • You don’t have to move an inch.

In fact, you can very well be in your pajamas and in bed. You don’t have to do your hair or suffer the traffic as you commute to your shopping destination. You can be on your ride from work, at home, on a plane, in the kitchen or essentially anywhere and you can shop. Add to that the fact that these online toy stores are open round the clock. If that’s not convenience then we don’t know what is.

  • You save on time and money.

Because you cut on travel you save a lot in terms of costs. You don’t have to spend on gasoline or fare. You won’t even have to waste your precious time stuck in traffic as mentioned earlier. Imagine the holiday shopping horrors. Thinking about it already gives us the chills.

  • You have a bigger selection of toys.

The sky is the limit as they say. A few words on your search bar and bam you’ll be given thousands upon thousands of options. You can go as specific or as general as you do your research too from the toy’s features to its manufacturer. You can even scour for vintage teddy bears and limited edition pieces.

  • You get to compare and canvass easily.

Searching is easy and so is price comparison. You can easily canvass for the same model and manufacturer from various sellers and see who offers it for a better price, with shipping costs and customs if any computed. What’s better is that you can do it by virtue of cyberspace too. No more hopping from one shop to the next and sweating it out.

What are you waiting for? Press that button and buy a Steiff bear online!

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Take a Look at the World’s Priciest Stuffed Animals

Would you believe us if we told you that stuffed animals can cost a fortune? Well a good amount of them do and we’re here to list them down. We say that it’s time to raid that attic and check old boxes. Who knows, you might just have one of these lying in the corner.

  • Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear – $ 2,100,100

A collaboration between the German toy powerhouse and the infamous fashion emporium, this teddy bear was fully decked in designer clothing. The well-known LV monogram can be visibly seen all throughout from the bear’s clothes to its matching luggage case. This piece smashed records back in 2000 at a Monaco auction and has not been beaten ever since. It is currently preserved in a museum in Jeju Island, Korea.

  • Louis Vuitton Monogram Bear – $ 182,000

As if the above wasn’t enough, LV also had one manufactured on their own to celebrate its 150 years in the fashion scene. Only 500 of these were made. One named DouDou which stood a foot and a half tall was sold at a Monaco auction for the aforementioned price. The toy was decked in came with the fashion house’s monogram all over it. What a way to celebrate!

  • Teddy Girl – $ 150,000

This cinnamon haired toy manufactured by Steiff in 1905 is one of a kind. Although other models may still be found, the Teddy Girl proved to be exceptional as it once belonged to Colonel Bob Henderson. Serving the British Army as a small arms adviser to Field Marshal Montgomery, he took the bear to war with him during World War II. In 1962 he became the black mourning bearPresident of the Teddy Bear Club and founded Good Bears of the World, a charity that provides teddy bears to sick children. Years after his passing, the toy went up for sale at a Christie’s auction and was sold to businessman Yoshihiro Sekiguchi.

  • Black Mourning Bear – $136,000

The tragic sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912 left the world in terrible grief. Because of this, Steiff produced 600 black mourning bears in 5 different sizes to commemorate the incident. One of these was found stored in a closet for years and was sold at a 2000 London auction to the Puppenhaus Museum in Switzerland.

Which among these priciest stuffed animals do you want to add to your collection?


Facts You Need to Know About Collectible Teddy Bears

steiff-diamondWe all love a good collection story and although cars and jewelry may sound pretty neat, we prefer collectible teddy bears as the topic for the day. And we don’t see why not? Just because they’re toys doesn’t make them any less of an interesting pick. Plus, a lot of them even rake up as much value as real estate property.

To tickle your curiosity and interest even more, we give you the following facts you need to know about collectible teddy bears!

  • The world’s most sought after collectible bears, most of it at the least, were manufactured by a German company called Steiff. The same brand is the pioneer for teddy bear design and production and was established as early as 1880.
  • Not all of them are antique or vintage. Manufacturers have been releasing current collectible pieces in small numbers, often relating to or paying a nod to certain people, themes, events, literature and movies.
  • The most expensive teddy in the whole world cost a whopping $2.1 million. It was purchased at a Monaco auction back in the year 2000 by a certain Jessie Kim from Korea. It is the Louis Vuitton Bear manufactured by Steiff and was decked out in clothes and accessories with the ever popular ‘LV’ monogram. At present, it is being displayed at the Teddy bear Museum in Jeju Island in Korea.
  • A diamond and sapphire eyed teddy bear exists. For its 125th anniversary, German brand Steiff manufactured 125 pieces of this toy. It had diamonds and sapphires for eyes, golden thread for fur and a mouth pure of gold.
  • The first few models of the toy originally came with five joints. These are considered to be one of the rarest collectibles to find and coming across one in excellent condition is even more uncommon making them quite the hot item in auctions.
  • Black mourning bears were manufactured in 1912 to grieve the tragic Titanic incident. The toys came in black through and through from head to paw.
  • Colonel Bob Henderson fought alongside a toy he nicknamed ‘Teddy Girl’ during the Second World War. It was an 18 inch tall Steiff cinnamon centre seam teddy bear with thick curly mohair, black boot button eyes, pronounced clipped snout, black stitched nose, mouth and claws, swivel head, elongated jointed shaped limbs, shaped paws, large ‘spoon’ shaped feet and hump and believed to have been manufactured in 1904. Today, it is one of the most famous collectible teddy bears around the world.

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Reminders When Buying Stuffed Animals for Kids

stuffed-animalsStuffed animals are perhaps the most popular toy among children then and now. They are cute, adorable and even provide emotional, mental and physical development and benefits. They are in a way a marriage of fun and function. This is also the most obvious reason as to why parents, relatives, friends and pretty much everyone prefers them as the best gift option.

Now, buying stuffed animals for kids isn’t exactly as chill as it seems. A lot of thought and careful consideration must be had to make sure that the item picked are the best for the recipient. To help everyone with such task, we came up with the following set of reminders. Take a look.

  • Beware of the choking hazards. Kids are known to put almost everything inside their mouths. Why? Babies first learn the sense of taste all thanks to the milk they drink from their mothers and so they tend to get acquainted with things using taste up until they learn better. Knowing that they like to put things inside their mouths, it is of massive importance to pick items that are safe. They must not contain toxic chemicals than will do the child wrong should they lick the toy. Also, it has to be huge enough that it won’t fit in their mouths.
  • Do away with blunt parts. Some toys come with accessories. Make sure that all of it is free from sharp edges, spikes and similar parts that may cut or puncture the child. Accidents are best avoided rather than fixed.
  • Always make it age appropriate. Not all stuffed animals are suited for all age groups. A combination of various factors like size, material, features and the like will spell whether or not a particular toy is suitable for a certain age group. Besides, you can’t expect a one year old to enjoy something that a ten year old would and vice versa.
  • Read the label. Apart from the cleaning instructions, do check if there are toxic materials used on the toy. Paint for example must be lead free. Also, it would be best to do your research too. Have there been any recalls on the product? How about the reviews? What are other consumers saying about it?
  • Consider longevity and durability. Kids are not the most cautious of beings so it is highly necessary to opt for stuffed animals that are extremely durable, are easy to clean and will stand the test of time and play.

Do’s and Don’ts When You Buy Steiff Teddy Bears online

buy-teddy-bears-onlineShopping for Steiff teddy bears is fun. That’s no doubt but then again it comes with its challenges too particularly if one is aiming to get hold of vintage pieces and limited edition releases. To up your game, we’ve listed down some dos and don’ts when you buy teddy bears online, to serve as a guide.

  • Do familiarize yourself with models. Throughout the years, the Steiff brand has released a number of various designs and each one is unique not only in terms of features but also in structure and materials used. Knowledge is power so make sure to gather your weapons.
  • Don’t buy without validating. Many replicas and fakes are available in the market because these items are not only valuable but they too come with a high demand. Arming yourself with knowledge as stated earlier will make it easier to spot and authenticate these toys.
  • Do scrutinize the seller. Don’t buy from just about anyone. Apart from validating the toy, also check up on the shop or person you are purchasing from. Look out for reviews and testimonials from the internet to have an idea regarding a particular store.
  • Don’t make do with bad conditions. Toys that are in bad shape or are infested with bugs are best left alone. Don’t risk it and think that you can operate on them and find a fix. It could be costlier in the long run and worse the item may not be salvageable after all. Always seek quality and optimal condition.
  • Do remember the button in ear. The design and material can vary depending on the year that the toy was released and whether or not it is a limited edition variant. Its presence can add a significant increase in the teddy bear’s value and is one of the signs of authenticity. There are pieces that no longer have the button in ear and instead leave a whole where it should have been. Their values are deemed lower without the said trademark intact.
  • Don’t forget about maintenance issues. Make sure to only purchase and shop for Steiff teddy bears that you are capable of taking care of. Not all of these toys can be treated alike because as we have said, they are made of various materials and come in different conditions. Apart from adequate and proper storage, cleaning will also be an issue to take a look at.

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